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Tara Barling

I am a pro-life, life begins at conception mother of seven, a homemaker, and very active in the community. I serve as a director on the Concerned Citizens of Canyon County Committee. We have been working diligently to alleviate the burden placed on taxpayers.


During the past seven years, the property tax burden has shifted to homeowners and away from agriculture and commercial. In 2015, commercial carried 32% of the burden and homeowners carried 68%. That year, the legislature put a cap on the homeowners exemption which froze their exemption statewide at $100,000 but did not cap commercial. This caused the commercial property tax burden to decline and homeowners' burden to increase. Today, commercial only pays 24% of the property tax and homeowners pay 76%. Although our committee proposed a bill in 2020 that would have corrected this, and which also had 40 legislative sponsors, the leadership of the legislature would not give it a hearing. This needs to be corrected.


Every two years, our schools have to run elections for levies to provide funds for maintenance and operation. That increased property tax by $13 million this year in Canyon County. Last year saw an increase of $18 million. Increases are also caused by the legislature. In 2006, the legislature held a summer session to remove school costs from property tax and raised sales tax from 5% to 6% to cover this cost, but in 2007 the extra 1% increase was sent to the general fund and never paid the cost of maintenance and operations. You are now paying double the cost through sales and property taxes. 


I have been working with the people of District 13 from the outside and look forward to directly addressing the issues we face from the inside. I appreciate your support as we apply conservative principles for a strong Idaho.


VOTE Tara For HOUSE 13B May 17, 2022.